Trainers Against Discrimination is a project led by Creative Development Center in cooperation with CRISP e.V. It foresees awareness raising about the problems of discrimination as well as Empowering Local Organizations in Caucasus and Europe with the Tool of simulation Games. Project has already hosted Coordinator’s meeting in Berlin, Germany, on July 3-5, and is hosting Training of Trainer’s in September, which will be followed by local organizations implementing local simulation games in 8 countries and will be continued by Evaluation meeting in November 2015. Project Aims: To raise awareness on the problems of integration and challenges related to minorities To provide the space for discussion around the topic of identity, discrimination and conflict. To help participants develop new skills and competences, in facilitation of simulation games To support young trainers in acquiring skills of developing simulation games on the relevant topics. To create the network of the trainers working on the topics of discrimination and conflicts. To encourage young trainers conduct local activities with their target groups using simulation games as a tool


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