The trainers from Germany (CRISP), Egypt (Waseela), Georgia (Creative Development Center), Portugal (PROPÓSITO), Spain (Oportunidades Europeas) and Italy (Scambieuropei) in the framework of project ,,Youth, Identity and Employabolity’’ came together to design the Simulation Game on Youth Employability in Berlin, Lisbon and Madrid. At the first stage there was discussed identity and employability issues and each country representatives introduced the situation and problems they are facing in their countries. A special focus was put on the topic how the identity affects employability in the job market and which barriers appear because of this. At the second stage participants tested the simulation game and made adjustments. During the seminar different creative methods were used to discuss the problem, such as forum theatre. At the final stage the simulation game was evaluated and improved according to the feedback by participants and trainers. Finally a manual was written where the theoretical data about identity and employability was put with different creative methods to tackle the topic. Herewith the final game was explained including a detail description of how to facilitate it. At last, trainers planned the future steps to follow-up the project and to make a platform for future collaboration.


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